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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Sneaky Pete holster cost?

Sneaky Pete holsters are ordered online and are made to fit specific handguns. This brown-leather holster compliments the flat-dark-earth (FDE) color of Davidson’s exclusive Glock 42. $70

Will my ammo armor match my sneaky pete holster?

You will receive the correct Ammo Armor for the magazine you order. Check out our sturdy and comfortable belts to match your Sneaky Pete Holster. We use the same high q

What is the best holster to carry a gun?

Sneaky Pete Holsters makes the holster to meet the size of the gun you intend to carry, and they have several selections regarding the belt attachment device and some other useful features. They also have a few other nifty items available for purchase such as their bullet bricks, belts and magazine holsters.

Can you add accessories to a custom holster?

Since they are custom fit to the gun in question, you cannot add things like pinky extenders, lasers, extended magazines, etc., after you order the holster. They will not fit into it. However, on the ordering page online, they do ask for most models of guns, what accessories are installed.

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