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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add members to a group in Smartsheet?

To add members to the group, click the Add to Group button. Begin typing in the name or email address of a contact in your Smartsheet Contacts list and they will appear in the drop-down list via auto-resolve. You can add any contact you like—a contact doesn't have to be part of your multi-user plan or even a current Smartsheet user.

What can I do with Smartsheet?

Learn the basics of building a sheet. Create groups in Smartsheet to quickly and easily control access to sheets and workspaces. Add new employees and team members to groups to get them up and running, and remove people from groups to ensure they no longer have access after they leave your organization.

How do I share a Smartsheet sheet or report?

Share a static snapshot one time or on a recurring basis. Send the entire sheet or report via email as a PDF or Excel (.xls) attachment. Send a secure link to the sheet. If you are member of an Enterprise plan, a Smartsheet System Admin can restrict a your ability to share information such that you're able to send only to specific email addresses.

How do I share a Smartsheet with a group of contacts?

Click the Share button in the upper-right corner of the Smartsheet window. In the Sheet Sharing form, in the Invite Collaborators box, type the group name (or click Select Contacts to select the group name from your list of contacts). You'll be prompted to select a sharing permission level.

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