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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the alternatives to Smartsheet?

ProofHub is a smart alternative to Smartsheet. It is a trustable, easy-to-use online task and project management tool designed to help teams improve productivity. Users can generate interactive timelines using ProofHub.

What is Smartsheet project management?

Smartsheet project management is a SaaS application that uses spreadsheets to help streamline project management tasks and make project tracking and collaboration simple. Smartsheet has four pricing plans, which include: Individual, Team, Business and Enterprise.

Is Smartsheet right for your business?

Scalability: Smartsheet is a built-to-scale software. Smartsheet and its alternatives can serve companies of all sizes, except for FunctionFox, which is best suited to small-scale businesses. Support: FAQs, Email, Help Desk, Phone Support, and Chat are available on Smartsheet.

Is Wrike the best Smartsheet alternative?

If Gantt charts provide a lot of value to your team, Wrike might be the Smartsheet alternative for you. Time tracking — Remember earlier how I mentioned that Smartsheet’s lack of time tracking is a big deal breaker for some. Well Wrike offers a solution.

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