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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to track a project?

One of the best methods for tracking project budgets and metrics is the use of a proactive project management method such as PRINCE2. PRINCE2 allows implementing the project in a structured way within the specified framework, thereby preventing the matrices from digressing and doing away with the need to track and rectify digressions.

How do I create a project plan in Excel?

Open Excel and create a new document. In the first cell, type in your project title and a description if desired. For longer lines of text, try merging cells by holding down the "Shift" key, clicking on the cells you wish to merge, and click the "Merge and Center" button on the top toolbar.

What is project tracking system?

Project Tracking Software. A project tracking system assists you to recognize all of the tasks that are required to complete your project successfully on time. That is why it is recommended to be deployed during planning phase of a project to control and regulate the allocated resources. It provides a fully automated monitoring,...

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