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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dependencies in Smartsheet?

Project sheets in Smartsheet have dependencies enabled and includes columns such as Duration, Predecessors, and % Complete. It’s best to enable dependencies for projects with deadlines to ensure every moving part in your project is tracked and on time, and ultimately meet your deadline.

How does Smartsheet use predecessors when calculating dependent dates?

Smartsheet will take all predecessors into account when determining the dates of the dependent. (For example: on Finish-to-Start relationships, Smartsheet will schedule the dependent's start date after the latest occurring end date of all predecessors.)

How do I enable automated dependency functionality in a project sheet?

In a project sheet, you can enable automated dependency functionality in the following columns: Start and End Date Duration % Complete... Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your working days on a project sheet.

How to modify the project settings in Smartsheet?

The Owner and Admins can modify the sheet project settings. You can use the Dependencies functionality in Smartsheet for automatic calculation and adjustment of dates as values for Duration (how long something will take to finish) and Predecessors (what must happen first) change.

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