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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a date calculation?

Create a date calculation In Tableau Desktop, connect to the Sample-Superstore saved data source, which comes with Tableau. Navigate to a worksheet. From the Data pane, under Dimensions, drag Order Date to the Rows shelf. On the Rows shelf, click the plus icon ( +) on the YEAR (Order Date) field. ... More items...

What is the Excel formula for dates?

How to enter the DATE formula in an Excel Sheet. 1. Select the cell in which you want to place the formula. 2. Type the formula as =DATE(. 3. Then enter the year in which the date we are trying to create occurs. 4. Press the comma key (,) 5. Then enter the month in which the date we are trying to create occurs.

How to do date calculations in Microsoft Excel?

In another cell, subtract the start date/time from the end date/time. The result will probably look like a number and decimal. You'll fix that in the next step.See More...

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