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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Metro PCS offer financing?

Both carriers work with Progressive Financing, and MetroPCS also cooperates with BillFloat, to help offer customers low upfront payments on otherwise expensive smartphones. The financing mechanism is very simple. The company pays the carrier for the handset and then collects payments from the subscriber for their phone.

Does SmartPay run your credit?

SmartPay doesn't do credit checks unless you specifically ask them to-if you have a great credit score they may be willing to offer you lower monthly installments or longer-term agreements. Let's Talk Tip: Interest-free installment plans are ideal when it comes to purchasing a new device.

Does Metro PCS finance phones?

Service providers MetroPCS and Cricket recently launched their financing programs, which enable users to purchase high-end smartphones, like the Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5, without having to put down a small fortune upfront. Instead customers can choose to cough up just a fraction of the initial cost and pay the rest back via monthly installments.

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