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Frequently Asked Questions

What is smartsmartmusic?

SmartMusic is a web-based suite of music education tools that support efficient practice, helping musicians to develop and grow.

Is SmartMusic free to use?

We even continually update the content provided in the free version of SmartMusic. Affordable pricing, combined with a cloud-based app that works on Chromebooks, iPads, and computers, means that SmartMusic is more accessible to more students than ever before.

What is smartdiscover SmartMusic?

discover smartmusic. SmartMusic is a web-based music education platform that connects teachers and students. Teachers have access to an unrivaled library of music from which to create individualized assignments for every student. Students receive immediate feedback as they practice each assignment.

Why use SmartMusic in the classroom?

“SmartMusic provides so many great digital resources for my students to learn and practice. Now being able to print in the classroom thanks to each student’s print subscription, my students will have even more access to the material they typically use through the web-based platform.

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