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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartMusic?

discover smartmusic. SmartMusic is a web-based music education platform that connects teachers and students. Teachers have access to an unrivaled library of music from which to create individualized assignments for every student. Students receive immediate feedback as they practice each assignment.

How do I become a student in SmartMusic?

Get started as a student in SmartMusic by first joining a class and creating an account. Students need a valid email address and a Class Code to connect. Students may use a personal, parental, or school email address. Educators provide the Class Code in this format: XXXXX-XXXXX.

What is MakeMusic?

More than a software company, MakeMusic is a collection of people and personalities who share a passion for music. Music is all we do and we do it better than anyone else.

How do I change how SmartMusic assess pitch and rhythm?

To change how SmartMusic will assess pitch and rhythm, choose the Assessment tab and select the Tolerance drop-down menu. Choose Easy Tolerance or Lenient Tolerance to make the assessment more forgiving.

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