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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate of SMART Recovery?

This tool basically assists someone in changing their belief system about alcohol and/or drugs and it’s fairly effective, boasting a recovery rate anywhere between 35% and 50% over a one-year period, depending on the study. Perhaps the most famous controlled study comparing Alcoholics Anonymous and REBT is the 1980 study dubbed the Brandsma Study.

Is SMART Recovery a smart alternative to AA?

SMART Recovery, or Self-Management and Recovery Training, is a secular alternative to AA and similar spirituality-based interventions. SMART has several meetings per week in many cities and uses non-confrontational methods to help people overcome addiction problems.

Does SMART Recovery cost money?

They are open to anyone. The SMART program is beneficial to those in recovery and their family members and friends, too. There is no cost to attend SMART Recovery meetings, but many groups accept donations to cover the material fees and offer volunteer opportunities.

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