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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Skull Rose Tattoo mean?

Skull tattoos typically represent challenge, struggle, strength, and often times, death. Skull and rose tattoos together may represent the beauty and fragility of life and the finality of death. They may also symbolize the struggle between good and evil. These main themes expand and change throughout different types of skull and rose tattoos.

What is the meaning of a traditional Rose Tattoo?

We can probably all agree that the most common meaning of a rose tattoo is love. However, this rose tattoo meaning came about in different ways for the various cultures of the world. Perhaps the most fitting origin of the rose tattoo meaning love falls to the ancient Greeks, who believed the rose was originally white in color.

What does a small Rose Tattoo mean?

What does a rose tattoo mean on a guy? Rose is a symbol adorned by powerful men including sailors taking in the rough seas and soldiers struggling in the battlefields. In the Roman Empire, roses were used as a symbol of bloodshed while in the Greek mythology, rose symbolized immortal love after roses grew from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess’ pool.

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