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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SKS stand for in rifle?

The SKS rifle was designed by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. The initials stand for Samozaryadnyi Karbin Simonova, or “Semi-Automatic Carbine, Simonov”. He designed and utilized the basic design in an anti-tank rifle, and also a full size semi-automatic rifle that was designed in competition with the SVT or Tokarev.

What is the history of the SKS?

The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7.62×39mm round, designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov.

What size is SKS ammo?

The SKS Rifle uses a 7.62x39mm M43 round later used in the AK-47. Action: Gas operated, tilting bolt. Overall length: 1022 mm. Barrel length: 520 mm.

What is SKS file?

The sks file extension is associated with the Show.kit, a web designing tool for Microsoft Windows that allows users to create HTML and Flash based websites. The sks file stores web page template.

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