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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rs domain?

It is intended to be used with few restrictions, and it is widely used in Serbia. Because of English words ending with the letters "rs", this domain is also used in the construction of domain hacks, [1] and websites related to the Rust programming language, in which source code files typically end in .rs .

What does rs stand for?

Computing 1 .rs, the internet country code top-level domain for Republic of Serbia 2 .rs, a filename extension for Rust (programming language) source code 3 Recommended Standard (EIA), e.g. RS-232 4 Record Separator, in the C0 control code 5 Reed–Solomon error correction

Why choose RS Components?

At RS Components, we believe in giving you more than the right parts at the right price. From connecting you to like-minded people with different areas of expertise to giving you free access to powerful design tools and resources, we want to support you in realising your creative potential.

Who are RSRs components?

RS Components is a trading brand of Electrocomponents PLC. With operations in 32 countries, we offer around 500,000 products through the internet, catalogues and at trade counters to over one million customers, shipping more than 44,000 parcels a day.

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