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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Translate good for?

Google Translate is free, fast, and pretty accurate. Thanks to its massive database, the software can deliver decent translations that can help you get the main idea of a text. However, this level isn't enough when translating serious stuff, such as legal or medical documentation, business records, a website, app, videogame, or marketing materials.

How good is Google Translator?

With more than 200 million users daily, Google translate is defiantly a trustworthy + multilingual + mechanical + translator. Google translate offers some amazing features like: A way to translate diverse forms of text, media, and speech Translate pictures and handwriting by connection through a camera translation

Is Google Translate reliable?

Google Translate is simply not reliable enough to be used in a situation where rights are on the line. While some courts have said the service performs well enough, the translation errors observed in the recording suggest it didn’t in this case.

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