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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Singapore Zoo located?

Singapore Zoo. The Singapore Zoo, formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens and commonly known locally as the Mandai Zoo, occupies 28 hectares (69 acres) on the margins of Upper Seletar Reservoir within Singapore's heavily forested central catchment area.

What are some types of animals in Singapore?

What Animals Live In Singapore? Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin. Tursiops aduncus is a bottlenose dolphin species found in the Singapore Strait. ... Leopard Cat. Although Singapore was once home to tigers, leopards, and other wild cats, currently it is home to only one wild cat species, the leopard cat or Prionailurus ... Banded Surili. ... Dugong. ... Reticulated Python. ... Sunda Pangolin. ... More items...

Can you hug pandas in Singapore Zoo?

No, pandas are not in Singapore Zoo, they are kept in the River Safari. Even in River Safari, you are not allow to hug them. You can only see them from a distance.

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