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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cook Singapore noodles?

Add the curry powder and stir-fry until fragrant. Drain the noodles and add them to the pan, along with the egg. Pour the sauce mixture over the noodles and use chopsticks or tongs to toss the noodles like you would a salad. The Singapore Noodles are done when there is no liquid left in the pan.

How do you make Thai noodles with curry powder?

Mix the curry powder, turmeric, sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce and 1 tbsp water in a bowl. Heat the wok until very hot. Add the sunflower oil, onion and pepper. Stir-fry for 3-4 mins until softened and starting to brown in places. Drain the noodles and add to the pan, along with the sauce mixture and beansprouts.

What is the difference between Singapore noodles and Singapore curry?

The big difference is that it’s not seasoned with curry powder. Singapore Noodles may not be a traditional dish, but it is a delicious one, and the spindly, vibrant, curry-flavored impostor has found its way into the hearts of food lovers across the English speaking world.

How to cook Shrimp noodles with curry?

To the boiling water stir in 1 tablespoon salt and the noodles. Cook, stirring often, until the noodles are slightly underdone, about two minutes. Drain noodles and rinse under cold water and drain again and set aside. Pat the shrimp dry with paper towl and toss with 1/2 teaspoon of the curry powder.

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