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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats in a row on a Singapore Airlines Flight?

The width of the plane is 10 more the familiar A330 with 8 seats in a row, now 9 seats in a row and that means for each seat minus 3 cm in width. It's a pity that you have placed these chairs. Singapore airlines is a very good company in itself. Not much space between you and the seat in front.

Is there a baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines (SQ)?

Is there a baggage allowance? 0-1 pieces of luggage are usually permitted for each economy class passenger traveling with Singapore Airlines (SQ). This information can vary depending on your flight, so be sure to check your itinerary. What are the main airports used by Singapore Airlines (SQ) when flying to United States?

How many airplanes does Singapore Airlines have?

It has a total of 102 aeroplanes that include Airbus A380, A330, and Boeing. It also has an immense network of flight routes across five continents. Singapore Airlines flies to over 60 cities in over 30 countries. It is also a distinguished member of Star Alliance, the biggest global airline alliance in the world.

How do I book a Singapore Airlines code share flight?

The flights shown here include those operated by Singapore Airlines and our codeshare partners. To book a flight operated by our codeshare partner (s), get in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office.

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