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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Singapore Airlines and SilkAir announce flight schedules for 2021?

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir have announced their flight schedules through to the end of April 2021, adding an additional month to the previously confirmed route list, which was published through to 27th March 2021.

How many cities does singsingapore airlines fly to in June 2020?

Singapore Airlines will be running the following passenger flights to and from 24 cities during June and July 2020. All flights not listed below are cancelled during this period, or will operate as cargo-only services.

What aircraft does Singapore Airlines fly from Sydney to Singapore?

SQ288 Sydney to Singapore flights (the old Canberra flight number) operate via Brisbane on the journey back to Singapore. As you can see Singapore Airlines is dedicating its passenger flights to two aircraft types from around 9th June 2020 through to the end of July – the Airbus A350 (3-class and Regional variants) and Boeing 787-10.

How do I book a flight with Singapore Airlines?

To book a flight operated by Singapore Airlines, click on ‘Book now’. To book a flight operated by our codeshare partner (s), get in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office. Departure date Select the date by keying in two-digit day, two-digit month, four-digit year.

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