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Frequently Asked Questions

What airline doesn't charge for cancellation fees?

Southwest Airlines. Change/Cancellation Fee: Free; Same-Day Change Fee: Only permitted on Anytime or Business Select tickets. Exclusions/Waivers: Non-refundable fares can be canceled and exchanged for future credit without incurring any fees. Bottom Line: Southwest Airlines makes changing and canceling flights easier than just about any other airline.

Do Singapore Air charge to change flight dates?

When I search online, I found that Singapore Airlines has no charges for change of date. Only price difference will be charged. When contacted Singapore Airlines, they told to contact my travel agent. Please suggest what should I do. Even ticket on required date is cheaper against my booked ticket.

What are airline ticket cancellation fees?

Change/Cancellation Fee: Free (online); $25 (phone); $35 (at an airport ticket office) Same-Day Change Fee: Free for domestic short-haul; international ticket fees depend on the situation and fare class Cancellation Fee: Some fares are non-refundable. Check your fare details. ... Exclusions/Waivers: Notice of 1 hour is required to make a same-day change. ...

Can a hotel charge a cancellation fee?

Hotels, resorts and inns typically charge a fee if you cancel your reservations within a certain time period, typically between 24 and 48 hours before the check-in date. Each hotel has its own policy that specifies when a fee is charged and how much you will pay.

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