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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a silent mutation?

A silent mutation can occur in several ways, however, the important thing is that the function of the amino acid and subsequent proteins remain unchanged. That’s why it’s called a silent mutation: it doesn’t make a sound in the orchestra of the cell.

What does silent mutation mean?

Silent mutations are mutations in DNA that do not have an observable effect on the organism's phenotype. They are a specific type of neutral mutation.The phrase silent mutation is often used interchangeably with the phrase synonymous mutation; however, synonymous mutations are not always silent, nor vice versa. Synonymous mutations can affect transcription, splicing, mRNA transport, and ...

What is the definition of silent mutation?

Silent mutations are mutations where the changes in the nucleotide sequence of DNA do not produce any observable effect on the organism. The change in nucleotide doesn’t produce a change in the amino acid sequence or the structure and function of the protein.

What is the effect of a silent mutation in a gene?

Silent mutations occur when the change of a single DNA nucleotide within a protein-coding portion of a gene does not affect the sequence of amino acids that make up the gene's protein. That's possible because proteins are encoded by "triplets" of nucleotides, each responsible for adding a particular amino acid to the protein chain.

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