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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD help dogs?

CBD oil for dogs can help with both chronic illness and acute conditions. Most notably, CBD has been credited with alleviating chronic pain caused by arthritis, preventing epileptic seizures and slowing the growth of tumors in dogs.

Is CBD OK for dogs?

At best, you might find a vet who will say that CBD probably won’t be harmful to dogs, and it may or may not offer any actual benefit. Even in states where marijuana is legal (under state law), vets can be held liable if they prescribe marijuana or CBD for a pet.

Is CBD oil approved by veterinarians?

Absolutely . Since hemp-derived CBD is completely legal in the US, Canada, and many other parts of the world, countless vets are openly starting to recommend it as a medicine. Some vets are even taking to high-profile news publications to talk about CBD and its potential benefits for animals.

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