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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the original lyrics to Jingle Bells?

[Verse 1] Dashing through the snow. In a one-horse open sleigh. O'er the fields we go. Laughing all the way. Bells on bobtails ring. Making spirits bright. What fun it is to ride and sing.

What is the tempo for Jingle Bells?

Jingle Bells by James Pierpont is in the key of F Major. It should be played at a tempo of 146 BPM.

What was the song Jingle Bells originally called?

"Jingle Bells" was originally copyrighted with the name "One Horse Open Sleigh" on September 16, 1857. Mrs. Otis Waterman, one of Pierpoint's friends, described the song as a "merry little jingle", which became part of its new name when published in 1859 under the revised title of "Jingle Bells, or the One Horse Open Sleigh.".

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