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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘shout’ mean?

Shout means ‘raise your voice – usually as much as possible’. There’s one meaning, but we have two main reasons for shouting: to make ourselves heard to show strong emotion.

What does it mean to shout in a loud voice?

2 : to say in a loud voice I shouted a warning. shout, shriek, and screech mean to utter a loud cry. shout means any kind of loud cry meant to be heard either far away or above other noise. We shouted to them across the river. shriek means a high-pitched cry that is a sign of strong feeling.

What is the meaning of Shout hoarse?

2 : to command attention as if by shouting a quality that shouts from good novels — John Gardner. transitive verb. 1 : to utter in a loud voice. 2 : to cause to be, come, or stop by or as if by shouting shouted himself hoarse the proponents shouted down the opposition.

What is a shout chorus in jazz?

In jazz, a shout chorus (occasionally: out chorus) is usually the last chorus of a big band arrangement, and is characterized by being the most energetic, lively, and exciting and by containing the musical climax of the piece.

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