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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ShotSpotter track a gunshot?

An icon in the shape of a lightning bolt. When three microphones pick up a gunshot, ShotSpotter figures out where the sound comes from. Human analysts in the Newark, California, headquarters confirm the noise came from a gun (not a firecracker or some other source). The police can then locate the gunshot on a map and investigate the scene.

Who is using ShotSpotter in Milwaukee?

Salazar has been using ShotSpotter in Milwaukee since 2010. Previously, his department discovered just 16% of gunshot cases led to 911 calls. He knew he needed a better way to determine where shots were coming from. "You can't do something about something you don't know about," he said. "We found out we didn't know about a lot."

What is Shotspotter and how did it alert the NYPD to shooting?

Ortiz, 26, was rushed to a nearby hospital and later pronounced dead. The shooter was never found. The technology responsible for alerting the NYPD to Ortiz's shooting is known as ShotSpotter, whose 16-year-old parent company went public on June 7.

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