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Frequently Asked Questions

What training does ShotSpotter offer?

Please contact the ShotSpotter Training Manager to arrange for this training. We offer basic user video training for ShotSpotter Respond, ShotSpotter Insight, ShotSpotter Dispatch, ShotSpotter Investigator Portal, ShotSpotter Connect and the Admin Portal. These videos can be placed into a customer agency’s own LMS to manage the training in-house.

How does ShotSpotter work?

The data is relayed to the Shotspotter Incident Review Center where analysts quickly audit the data and publish confirmed gunshots to police. Alerts are sent to dispatch centers and patrol officers’ smartphones and MDTs for immediate response. The entire process takes less than 60 seconds.

How reliable is ShotSpotter?

“ ShotSpotter is an important forensic tool that is more reliable than witnesses. My office relies on it to provide hard evidence on which gun fired first and from what precise location to help prosecute criminals.

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