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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ShotSpotter a good gunfire locator?

ShotSpotter Inc. is a publicly traded, Fremont, California -based company known for its controversial gunfire locator service. [2] [3] ShotSpotter claims it can identify whether or not a gunshot was fired in an area in order to dispatch law enforcement, though researchers have noted concerns about effectiveness, reliability, privacy, and equity.

How does ShotSpotter detect gunshots?

The sound is classified as a gunshot using artificial intelligence and triangulation determines the precise location. The data is relayed to the Shotspotter Incident Review Center where analysts quickly audit the data and publish confirmed gunshots to police.

Does ShotSpotter have a 'precision policing system'?

But a confidential ShotSpotter document obtained by The Associated Press outlines something the company doesn’t always tout about its “precision policing system” - that human employees can quickly overrule and reverse the algorithm’s determinations, and are given broad discretion to decide if a sound is a gunshot, fireworks, thunder or something...

Is ShotSpotter's human role a positive check on the algorithm?

ShotSpotter said in a statement to the AP that the human role is a positive check on the algorithm and the “plain-language” document reflects the high standards of accuracy its reviewers must meet.

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