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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect during the APUSH exam?

writing-intensive course. Exams: Tests in APUSH are quite rigorous, consisting of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. Exams will assess students’ factual and analytical mastery of the material. Every unit will end with an exam,

Should I take the APUSH exam?

Yes, you should. APUSH is one of the most valuable courses that I’ve taken so far in high school, and, although it was difficult, I’ve come out much more aware of my country’s history. You should expect a lot of reading, and also should be proficient at writing.

Is APUSH easier than apwh?

The APWH test is generally. considered to be easier than the APUSH test. APWH puts more focus on broad trends and general change over time. APUSH tends to be more specific.</p> I took APWH as a freshman, I received a 4, but then again, I was a freshman.</p>

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