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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the jewelry auctions at Shop LC?

The jewelry auctions at Shop LC are your last chance at winning big! These online jewelry auctions feature the final quantities from Live TV programs and our expansive online catalog. Starting at just $1 it’s easy to win, bid, and save every day at Shop LC What Kinds of Jewelry Auctions Exist?

Is Shop LC a good way to do business?

I love the jewelry and SHOP LC but this is not a good way of doing business. They should substitute items you win on auction with comparable items or put a disclaimer on the site stating that items won may not be available for purchase. Otherwise, it is in some sense false advertising.

Do gemstones fall out of ShopLC jewelry?

This isn't the first time that gemstones have fallen out of jewelry. I purchased an opal ring, and it lost one stones, and I also purchased a neon apatite cocktail ring and the stone fell out of it and well, those pieces of jewelry are useless and expensive to get new gemstones to replace the ones that fell out.

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