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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of shoot?

The definition of a shoot is the new growth on a plant or an act of firing something from a gun. An example of a shoot is the first growth from a newly-planted bean seed. Target practice with a rifle is an example of a shoot. Shoot is defined as to fire a weapon or to move quickly.

What does shoot for mean?

Shoot(verb) to let fly, or cause to be driven, with force, as an arrow or a bullet; -- followed by a word denoting the missile, as an object. Shoot(verb) to discharge, causing a missile to be driven forth; -- followed by a word denoting the weapon or instrument, as an object; -- often with off; as, to shoot a gun.

What is the definition of shooting?

Definition of 'shooting'. shooting. A shooting is an occasion when someone is killed or injured by being shot with a gun. Two more bodies were found nearby after the shooting. A gang war led to a series of shootings in the city. Shooting is hunting animals with a gun as a leisure activity.

What is slang for shoot?

shoot from the hip, to act or speak without due consideration or deliberation. shoot off one's mouth/face, Slang. to talk indiscreetly, especially to reveal confidences, make thoughtless remarks, etc. to exaggerate: He likes to shoot off his mouth about what a great guy he is. shoot one's bolt. bolt1(def 29).

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