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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sho?

Why SHO???? Because it defines what we are as a restaurant; a professional artisan whose work is consistently of high quality. As we always say in Japanese, “Ichigo Ichie,” we are very lucky to have met you in your lifetime and greatly appreciate your visit.

What does Sho Stand for?

Acronym Definition SHO Super High Output (Ford performance model) SHO Showtime (Cable Channel) SHO Spanish Harlem Orchestra (California) SHO Safety and Health Official SHO Shutout (Baseball) SHO Station House Officer (police) SHO Senior House Officer SHO Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties (Dutch: Cooperating Aid Organizations) SHO State Health Officer

What's new at sho bottles?

Now with super-durable powder coated paint, our Original 2.0 needs to be seen to be believed. The newest addition to our family of SHO Bottles; the Fortis has an aesthetic tumbler design and is perfect for both hot and cold drinks. We've made our best, better.

Is Sho Butt still in critical condition?

Speaking to media at the medical facility, where the injured cop's family members and senior police officials were also present, SSP Raza said that SHO Butt had been operated on immediately but was still in critical condition and was being kept under observation.

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