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Frequently Asked Questions

How much did the Sewerage&Water Board pay its lawyers?

A court ruled in their favor years ago, but the Sewerage & Water Board has yet to pay them the first penny. Meanwhile, the lawyers who unsuccessfully defended the utility have so far been paid a combined total of nearly $3.5 million, according to records WDSU Investigates has obtained.

What did Whit Whitaker say about the Sewerage&Water Board?

Whitaker told WDSU that Mitchell used his comments out of context. He said the primary reason home and business owners sued the Sewerage & Water Board was that its forensic engineer seldom substantiated the damages they claimed.

Why did the sewerage and Water Board decline a property damage claim?

"That, plus the fact that certain other categories of damages, like loss of rents, or loss of enjoyment of the property, were not available in the Sewerage and Water Board's own claim process led us to conclude that wasn't in the homeowners best interest, so we declined," Whitaker said.

Will LaToya Cantrell make Sewerage&Water Board pay for damage?

Epstein has yet to repair the damage to his Prytania Street home because he doesn't have the out-of-pocket resources to do so. He said Mayor LaToya Cantrell has the authority to make the Sewerage & Water Board pay the damages he and others are owed. She is chairman of the utility's board of directors.

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