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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work for the Sewerage&Water Board of New Orleans?

The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans, founded in 1899, provides exceptional opportunities for ambitious individuals with leadership potential. If you are interested in a new and exciting career with the SWBNO, an Equal Opportunity Employer, you can make your mark through one of the available opportunities found below.

How do I access the sanitary sewer overflow database?

The Sanitary Sewer Overflow database is accessed through the California Integrated Water Quality System (CIWQS), which is the State Water Board’s regulatory and water quality information management system.

What does the State Water Board do?

The State Water Board has several financial programs to help local agencies, public water systems, California Native American Tribes, non-profit organizations, and individuals prevent or clean up pollution of the state’s water and provide safe drinking water.

What is the Regional Water Quality Control Board doing?

The Santa Ana, Los Angeles and San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Boards are closely monitoring the situation, providing information to the unified command as needed, and will address water quality issues that fall within their regulatory purview at the appropriate time. More Announcements... More programs. . .

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