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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sewer camera inspection cost?

As you see, sewer camera inspection services look straightforward and may take little to no time in some cases. But they can also be somewhat tricky (in old houses with awkward sewer systems) and take a lot of time. That's why one of these camera inspections can cost anywhere from $100 for simple inspections to $1500 for complex ones.

How much does a sewer scope cost?

A sewer scope is an inspection of a home’s drain lines by using a camera. The inspection costs about $150-$400 and is needed when a home was built before 1970. Other homeowners or homebuyers should consider a sewer scope inspection even if their home is newer.

How much does a sewer scope inspection cost?

The cost of a sewer scope inspection will vary based on the area in which it's performed, the specifics of the house, the inspector you use, and a number of other variables. However, it's quite affordable, in most cases. The cost will tend to vary from $125-$300. This may seem steep.

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