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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest sewer inspection system?

Easiest Inspections. The MILWAUKEE® Modular Pipeline Inspection System sets the standard in sewer inspection by providing the industry's Clearest Image, Easiest Inspections. A 1080p HD self-leveling camera head provides you with the ability to digitally zoom 4X and pan, making it possible to see more than ever before in drain lines.

What kind of Monitor do you use to view sewer lines?

Our M18™ Wireless Monitor delivers clear, sharp viewing of sewer lines. Equipped with an 8” daylight readable display and LED backlit buttons, this wireless monitor is optimized for use in direct sunlight and dimly lit areas.

How does it work endoscope camera app?

* How does it work endoscope camera app? the endoscope app for android works like an otg view. open your external Borescope by USB otg or type-c and read it the endoscope app need to use micro just to record video with sounds and need to use the gallery to write and read it pictures and videos check that before using this endoscope app:

What kind of camera do you use for pipeline inspection?

Our M18™ 120’ Pipeline Inspection System delivers the clearest image, easiest inspections for 2-6” sewer lines up to 120’. This inspection reel is equipped with a 25mm 1080p HD self-leveling camera head that provides the ability to digitally zoom 4X and pan.

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