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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Warwick sewer authority?

You can reach the Warwick Sewer Authority by calling (401) 739-4949; when prompted, enter “1” for sewer emergencies. Our mission is to provide wastewater collection and treatment services to the City of Warwick in a cost effective and environmentally sound manner.

Where does Warwick Township get its water from?

Warwick Township Water & Sewer Authority does not use ground water sources for its water supply. 100% of our water is purchased from Aqua Pennsylvania and the North Wales Water Authority that primarily use surface water and are unaffected by the perfluorinated compound contamination in the local water supply.

What is advanced wastewater treatment at warwarwick?

Warwick’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility uses modern processes and equipment to treat wastewater and remove most of the pollutants before discharging into the Pawtuxet River.

When is the Warwick Township Water&Sewer Authority meeting?

The meeting agenda will be posted on the Authority website and the front door of the Warwick Township Water & Sewer Authority Building by the end of the day on November 19, 2021. The Board will conduct business on the agenda and whatever other business comes before it. All interested parties are invited to participate.

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