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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a settlement?

A settlement is also an arrangement, often with payment of money, to end a legal disagreement without taking it to court: The actor agreed to a $100,000 settlement from the newspaper. (Definition of settlement from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is the meaning of settling?

The act or process of settling: the settlement of sediment. 2. a. The settling or establishment of a person or a group of people, as in a new region ...

What is the difference between out-of-court settlement and property settlement?

out-of-court settlement - resolution of a dispute prior to the rendering of a final decision by the trial court. property settlement - (matrimonial law) the division of property owned or acquired by marriage partners during their marriage.

What is the difference between a village and a settlement?

settlement - an area where a group of families live together. geographic area, geographic region, geographical area, geographical region - a demarcated area of the Earth. village, hamlet - a settlement smaller than a town.

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