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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage the change process in ServiceNow?

All the processes are tracked and managed with the help of service management tools which, in this case, is ServiceNow. ServiceNow has a change management tool to manage the change process effectively. The application has different features that will help you govern and track the process throughout the change lifecycle.

What is ServiceNow and why is it important?

ServiceNow is an important software for any organization as it is powered with ITSM tools, customer support, cybersecurity, and more. The ServiceNow platform is majorly used by organizations to manage change and can be considered as one of the best applications for change management.

What is the workflow of ITSM change management?

This summarizes the overall workflow of ITSM change management. One party initiates a change request, or a change proposal in ServiceNow’s case. This request is submitted to the proper authority, who reviews, then accepts or rejects the change.

How to automate risk assessment in ServiceNow?

Automated risk assessment is possible with the change management application of ServiceNow. After uploading the requirements and criteria of the change, the tool can perform a risk assessment for you which you can easily see within the change application.

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