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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Seoul Metropolitan Subway?

Seoul Metropolitan Subway. The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is a metropolitan railway system in Seoul, South Korea. This map also includes Incheon Metro system and the Shinbundang Line covering the Seoul metropolitan area. All together system consists of 24 lines and 580 stations. The Seoul Metropolitan Subway began operation in August 1974.

What time does Seoul Metro service end?

Intro to Seoul Metro Message from the CEO Vision Overview and History Notice CI Directions Welcome toSeoul Metro Time Cyber Station SEARCH Subway Map Timetable Map of Surrounding Area Station Info Theme Tours Announcements Reduced Service Hours: Metro Service Ends at 12:00 a.m. Now Reduced Service Hours: Metro Service Ends at 12:00 a.m. Now

Does Seoul Metro run lines 1-8?

Seoul Metro runs lines 1-8 after the merger in 2017 of Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation (Seoul Subway) (lines 1-4, constructed between 1971 and 1994) and Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation (SMRT) (lines 5-8, constructed between 1990 and 2000) as its shown in Metro map Seoul.

When was Line 2 of the Seoul Subway built?

Line 2 was built 1978-1984 together with the Seongsu - Sinseol-dong branch, the second branch Sindorim - Kkachisan was built 1989-1993. Seoul subway map Map of Seoul subway Print Download The Seoul subway map shows all the stations and lines of the Seoul subway.

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