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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you define the feeling of accomplishment?

The Feeling of Achievement - 10 Ways Celebrating Success Improves Your Life Enthusiasm. Celebrating success gives us a shot of the necessary value of enthusiasm - or fire, as I like to call it. Confidence. Confidence is two-fold - first, I start with self-confidence. ... Belief. ... Commitment. ... Consistency. ... Nerve. ... Happiness. ... Shared Celebration. ... Peace of Mind. ... Lift Someone Else Up. ...

What does sense of accomplishment mean?

To "feel a sense of accomplishment" means to feel like you've achieved something great. Here are some events that might make you feel a sense of accomplishment: winning a sports tournament. getting a really good job.

What is the root word of achievement?

Answers. The answer is that achieve is the root of the word overachievement. Over is the prefix, achieve is the root, and -ment is the suffix.

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