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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best Fender brackets for semi trucks?

Investing in a high-quality stainless steel mounting kit full of the tools and equipment you need for durable fender brackets for semi trucks is a great place to start. Choose from kits that tailor to full or half fender set-ups, depending on your requirements.

What are half fenders?

Half fenders can be very useful when you have a low hanging trailer or other obstacles that prevent you from installing a full set of fenders. They can be installed on either the front or back drive axle – depending on specific needs. Call to Order Now!

Do semi trucks need fenders?

Of course, fenders are not just added to semi trucks for only their looks. The open road can be a tough place, full of grit, mud and gravel. The installation of half fenders can increase the protection of not only your truck but also fellow drivers.

Why choose Iowa 80 for Fender mounting brackets?

We at Iowa 80 are proud to carry a vast selection of semi truck fender mounting brackets to keep your rig in great shape, whether on or off the highway. After some time driving, you get a good feel for your truck and its needs.

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