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Frequently Asked Questions

What is seeking safety?

What is Seeking Safety? Seeking Safety (Najavits, 2002) is an evidence-based model (see below) that can be used in group or individual counseling. It was specifically developed to help survivors with co-occurring trauma and SUD and, crucially, in a way that does not ask them to delve into emotionally distressing trauma narratives.

When was seeking safety developed?

Lisa M. Najavits, Ph.D. began developing the Seeking Safety treatment model in the 1990s, with assistance from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. She published the research-based Seeking Safety treatment manual in 2002. PTSD and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand.

What is seekerseeking safety?

Seeking Safety is a therapeutic program for women suffering from trauma, substance abuse, and/or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This website provides abundant information regarding this program and trauma-informed treatment.

Is the seek safety workbook worth it?

But this workbook helps turn the focus onto healing and growth, as well as healthy ways to protect yourself and prevent retraumatization (thus the "seeking safety" title). I really cannot recommend this book enough, it is worth every penny and I have gotten a LOT of good use out of it and plan to continue to do so.

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