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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an open url?

A URL that contains descriptive metadata about a particular item such as an article, journal, or book. A standard that describes information and allows the user to link to that content or related service through an Open URL resolver like Find It (SFX).

What is input URL?

Input Type Url. The <input type="url"> is used for input fields that should contain a URL address. Depending on browser support, the url field can be automatically validated when submitted. Some smartphones recognize the url type, and adds ".com" to the keyboard to match url input.

What is URL pattern?

URL pattern. A URL pattern is a group of urls that match a given pattern. A pattern is specified by one or more *. A URL matches a URL pattern if it matches all of the characters before each of the * and everything after each of the *, where the * stands for any number of characters.

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