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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Brian laundrie do to Gabby Petito?

Brian Laundrie left behind writings showing his "responsibility" for the slaying of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, whose disappearance last year launched a massive search from Utah to Florida, authorities said Friday.

Why did police stop laundrie and Petito in Utah?

Utah Police said officers responded to a 911 call in August where the caller claimed he saw Laundrie slap Petito, and police stopped the couple for questioning on the side of the road. They were allowed to continue their trip because of "insufficient evidence" of any wrongdoing, police said.

Where was the backpack found in the laundrie case?

The FBI's Denver office had sent out a timeline of the investigation, saying that before discovering Laundrie's remains in a Florida wetland in October, agents had discovered a backpack, a gun and a notebook that all belonged to him.

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