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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fishing kayaks?

With plenty of storage space, special compartments, and room to install accessories and gear, Old Town fishing kayaks are an angler’s best friend. Start with some of the best hulls around, add in innovative propulsion technology, then kit it out until you’ve got your dream boat.

How much does a fishing kayak cost?

There is no one “best kayak” for fishing and truth is, new fishing kayaks start around $299 if that suits your budget and fishery (don’t expect to pay that for ocean or big water fishing).

What are the features of fishing kayaks?

Old Town fishing kayaks are made for anglers of all kinds. With power, pedal, or paddle models available, these kayaks help you get to the fish the big boats can’t. Spacious and easy to get in-and-out of. Great for beginner paddlers. Closed cockpit for warmer, drier paddling with more storage options.

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