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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Scrabble Words?

The best words to use in scrabble are those uncommon two and three letter words that you can use very often to get rid of the hardest letters while also scoring good points, like jo, za, qi, xu, xi, ox, ax and so on.

How many of each letter are there in Scrabble?

According to the official rules, each player begins with 7 letters in the board game "Scrabble.". Tags: scrabble, board game.

What is the official dictionary for Scrabble?

The current edition is OSPD 6, released in September 2018. Although OSPD bears the name Official Scrabble Players Dictionary no countries list their "official" dictionary as the OSPD, whereas the Official Tournament and Club Word List is the official word source of tournament Scrabble in the United States, Canada, Thailand and Israel.

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