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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCPS all in all in?

MCPS is committed to addressing disparities in student outcomes by closing gaps in opportunity and achievement for all students, in all classrooms, in all of our schools. The MCPS All In: Equity and Achievement Framework provides the purpose, path and plan to ensure success for all students.

What school supplies do I need for high school 2020?

High School Supplies List: Year 2020. Blue or black ballpoint pens #2 Pencils; Markers; Three-ring binder; Hole-punch; Spiral Notebooks; White-Out; Calculator; High school supply list is not complete, as different subjects require their own sets of supplies.

What supplies do I need for elementary school?

Elementary Basic Supplies List (Grades 1-2) 1 #2 Pencils 2 Erasers 3 Sharpeners 4 Zippered pencil bag 5 Spiral notebooks (wide-lined) 6 Dry erase markers 7 Washable markers 8 Crayons 9 Highlighters 10 Pocket folders More items...

What do office supply stores sell for school supplies?

There are certain things that every student will need regardless of what grade they are in. Pencils, notebooks, folders, paper, and binders are almost always going to be included on school supply lists. Office supply stores operate on the principles of supply and demand.

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