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Frequently Asked Questions

Is calculus the capstone of the 21st Century Math Education?

“Part of what’s going on in the framework is an attempt to bring mathematics education into the 21st century, in terms of what kind of mathematics kids get opportunities,” Darling-Hammond said in an interview. “The old [way], the idea that calculus is the capstone, is one that originates with a committee of 10 men in 1892.”

How do I get a freight quote for school specialty items?

If the subtotal is greater than $1,000, please call 1-877-350-0645 or E-mail [email protected] for a freight quote. *Note: Individually negotiated shipping policies will override the standard shipping policy.

When will the State Board of Education decide on new math framework?

The state Board of Education is scheduled to have the final say in November. The new framework aligns with experts who say that efforts to fast-track as many students as possible to advanced math are misguided. And they see their campaign for a more thoughtful, inclusive pacing as a civil rights issue.

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