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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need in order to schedule a FedEx pickup?

You can schedule a FedEx Ground return pickup on Monday-Friday for business locations or Tuesday-Saturday for most residential locations and up to 14 days in advance. You must have a Return label issued to you by an authorized FedEx Ground shipper.

What is the process for scheduling a FedEx pickup?

You’ll need to log into your account at in order to schedule a pickup. Click the “Schedule and Manage Pickups” option under the Quick Access menu. Fill out all the relevant details of the pickup address and package information. Click “Schedule Pickup” when you complete the form.

How do I schedule a FedEx pickup by phone?

Go to the “Ship” menu tab and click on “Schedule and Manage Pickups”. Then, select the “My Pickups” tab and proceed to cancel or change a future pickup. How do you arrange freight pickups? Request a pickup for any freight shipment by phone. Contact customer service at 1.866. 393.4585 to arrange a pickup.

How do you arrange a one-time FedEx pickup?

With your FedEx account, you can request a one-time shipment pickup, * and we'll send a FedEx team member to you. Schedule through the pickup application or while creating a label in FedEx Ship Manager ®. ** 1. Open an account or log in 2. Create your shipping labels 3. Complete your pickup request Do you send shipments on a regular schedule?

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