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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 26 scenic byways of Colorado?

The 26 scenic byways of Colorado connect the dots between historic sites and acres of majestic scenery that span red-rock canyons, the peaks of the Rocky Mountains and sun-kissed prairies. Colorado's Trail of the Ancients byway travels between two remote national monuments and Mesa Verde National Park.

How many Colorado byways are there?

All 26 of Colorado’s scenic and historic byways (11 of which are also designated America’s Byways), and countless other scenic drives that crisscross the highest and lowest altitudes of Colorado, welcome motorcycle riders, leisure drivers and all others hungry for a taste of Colorado’s history and scenic beauty.

Is Colorado a scenic drive?

You’ll be assured of a scenic drive, especially if you pull over at the top and enjoy an overlook or view of the summit. In addition to the 26 designated national scenic byways and various mountain passes, Colorado is home to countless other scenic journeys. Hop in your car and consider one of these roads to adventure.

When is the best time to drive in Colorado?

Wherever you drive in Colorado at whenever of year, the landscapes are usually stunning. Some roads in Colorado are designated as scenic byways and are particularly outstanding. Other mountain passes are just as amazing, though like the byways, may only be openly seasonally from late spring to early fall.

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