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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see satellites in the sky Saturday Night?

They were also seen Thursday night. WBAY-TV in Green Bay reported that its phones were ringing off the hook from people reporting the "line of white lights" in the sky. You might be able to see the satellites Saturday night. Of course, it will depend on the satellites' orbit.

What do Starlink satellites look like?

The meteors would not look like these artificial satellites did; instead, meteors are bright streaks across the sky that typically appear one by one, or just a few at a time. The Starlink satellites, on the other hand, can be seen in a group – sometimes referred to as a “constellation” of satellites – all moving across the sky together.

Will SpaceX Starlink satellites ruin the night sky for astronomy?

Some on Twitter compared them to a string of Christmas lights, although they were all one color, and they moved. Others weren’t so gentle in their descriptions, because, indeed, these were the SpaceX Starlink satellites, which some fear will ruin the night sky for astronomy.

How do I show Daytime passes in the satellite positions?

To show daytime passes, tick the box "Include daytime passes". Estimating satellite positions on the basis of Celestrak orbital elements downloaded on 15 Sep 2021. Chart... Chart... Chart...

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